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“We are very pleased with our ductless heat pumps. Our propane bills have decreased significantly and we’re staying nice and warm.

- Gloria F.
Marmora, ON
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Prestige Home Improvement wins the Canadian Choice Award for the HVAC sector

A first step in the recognition of our effort to reduce shady practices in the HVAC industry
Prestige Team
April 3, 2024
5 min read
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The Canadian Choice Awards: recognizing the best businesses in Canada

Canadian Choice Award is a Canada-wide program which aims to highlight the great work of smaller businesses across the country.

It is through their mission to showcase these companies, which they refer to as the backbone of Canada, that they have established a “transparent and accountable process for finding the crème de la crème across industries”.

They know how important customer-driven recognition is to these smaller to medium entreprises, which is why they operate far beyond larger cities, giving a chance to businesses in lesser-known communities to get their flowers.

Prestige Home Improvement: Standing out from the competition

From the very start, it was very clear that there was a huge problem in the HVAC industry.

Before Prestige Home Improvement was founded, Louis Lacombe-Denis and Travis Moriarty observed the industry was suffering from a lack of high quality customer service and knew from personal experiences that many residential HVAC systems were due for upgrades, with modern technology that would cut costs for homeowners while consuming less energy, making a positive impact on the environment and climate change.

This opportunity led them to carve their own spot in the industry: thus was born Prestige Home Improvement, just about 2 years ago in 2022.

The current situation

Now with over 10 carefully selected team members, Prestige Home Improvement operates with three core values; top quality service, friendly team members and speed & efficiency. This foundation has been in place since the very start and has proved to be a successful one, earning the company an A+, 5 star rating on the Better Business Bureau and a Google rating of over 4.5 stars.

Prestige Home Improvement’s award-winning journey

The 2024 Canadian Choice Award for the HVAC sector in Ottawa marks Prestige’s first award, and it confirms that the high quality service Prestige Home Improvement has been offering to Ontario Homeowners makes the difference that was the very reason for the company’s inception.

This win only adds to the motivation behind the team’s hard work, and will surely play a part in the expansion of Prestige’s service area - enabling more and more homeowners to make conscious decisions when it comes to heating and cooling for their home.

But the journey is only just getting started, as we are sure more awards will be coming in the direction of the constantly growing company.

Gratitude and acknowledgments

Founder Louis Lacombe-Denis had this to say about the win:

“We’re thrilled to have been selected as the winners for the Canadian Choice Award for the HVAC sector in Ottawa. Obviously, we have to thank our entire team for the hard work they put into everything they do to help us achieve our mission, but most importantly, we thank you, our esteemed clients for putting your trust in us for your home improvement projects, and for all the kind words you’ve sent our way since the company’s very early days. It goes without saying that we do what we do, for you!”

Looking ahead: continuing the journey to offering the best service in the industry

Having already expanded in offering their own HVAC equipment under the sub-brand Prestige Comfort after only two years of operating in the industry, the team at Prestige Home Improvement is showing no sign of slowing down and is already working on different projects to further improve their service and the industry as a whole.

Stay up to date

Follow Prestige Home Improvement on Instagram @prestigehome.improvement to stay up to date with the company’s current and future projects.

Conclusion: a bright future lies ahead

To put it simply, the 2024 Canadian Choice Award for the HVAC sector in Ottawa has both validated and given a reason for Prestige Home Improvement to keep working on their initial mission. Having already helped hundreds of homeowners across Ontario, it’s fair to say that they’re well on their way.

Looking for HVAC home upgrades yourself?

Maybe you’re simply curious, or maybe you know for sure that your home could benefit from an HVAC upgrade. Our team will be happy to assess your situation for free; you can request your free assessment here or call us during working hours at +1 (800) 843-1578.

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