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Energy saving

A guide to high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment

Exploring high-efficiency heating and cooling appliances: a guide to eco-conscious comfort and energy savings.
Prestige Team
April 3, 2024
5 min read
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The realm of heating and cooling equipment is vast, but a standout category that has been gaining traction is high-efficiency appliances. These modern marvels are designed to provide optimum comfort with a significantly lower energy footprint. This guide aims to shed light on the various types of high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment available in the market.

1. Certified high-efficiency equipment

Look for ENERGY STAR certified products that include room air conditioners, central air conditioners, ductless heating and cooling systems, air-source heat pumps, furnaces, geothermal heat pumps, boilers, and smart thermostats. These appliances are independently certified to save energy without compromising on functionality​1.

2. Ultra-high efficiency systems

Ultra-high efficiency heating and cooling systems are a notch above, with technologies that allow an outstanding 95% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), a common rating among new gas-powered furnaces​.

3. Heat pumps

Heat pumps are versatile, capable of both heating and cooling your home. They remove warm air from your home during summer and reverse the process during winter. The most common type is the air-source heat pump, but water source and geothermal heat pumps are also highly efficient alternatives​​.

4. Condensing furnaces and boilers

Condensing furnaces and boilers are designed to reclaim much of the escaping heat by cooling exhaust gasses well below 140°F, where water vapor in the exhaust condenses into water. This process significantly enhances the efficiency of these appliances​​.

5. Packaged products

Packaged products are all-in-one heating and cooling systems, offering a compact solution for homes with limited space. They often include a heat pump or a central air conditioner combined with a furnace​.

6. Advanced thermostats

Modern thermostats with smart technology can significantly contribute to energy savings by optimizing the operation of your heating and cooling equipment based on your preferences and habits.

With a plethora of high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment available, homeowners have the liberty to choose appliances that align with their comfort needs, budget, and eco-conscious values. The initial investment in high-efficiency equipment is balanced out by substantial energy savings, lower utility bills, and a comfortable, environmentally-friendly home.

Energy saving

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